Ceremoniously performed acts of ritual open a gateway of communication with our unconscious.
Through ritual we enter a state of timelessness, and expand the parameters of our current perception of reality.


Making life a ritual is to bless every moment with meaning, and this is where our power lies.

We each have the innate ability to create every moment from a place of presence.
We invite you to cultivate this presence during your morning and evening ritual of self care.
As you apply these products to your skin allow a slowing down to occur.
Move more intentionally using all your senses to engage and a deeper consciousness to be aware. 
Feel the sensations of your fingers conducting energy as you lovingly touch your face.
Inhale the sacred scents of lavender, frankincense, clary sage, and rose geranium.
Each one anointing you with their magic.


Finally, see your extraordinary beauty as you revel in your reflection. 

It is unlike any other, so bask in your uniqueness. It is the most beautiful gift, so lovingly caress your “temple”. 


We offer an invitation with an intention for each product. 

A sacred coming home to yourself.
When you bless your body with these products you’re literally opening a portal or gateway
to a higher realm of receptivity opening loving space to care for yourself.


We invite you to try this each and every time you apply the topical products
or take the internal tincture as a tea.

The more sacred moments you give yourself the more you tell your YOUniverse:

“I love myself and I’m open to the magic that is flowing in in every moment.”