“Within a few weeks it was mind blowing to how many people were complimenting me on how great my skin looked.  They described it as ‘glowing’.  The only thing I was doing different was using these products - I didn’t change my diet, etc.  I’ve used the day serum, night cream and eye roller.  I noticed more even skin tone and pores were not as noticeable. My skin tends to be dry but feels very soft since I’ve been using these products. I even love the pumps and jars that the products some in.  When someone complimented me on how great my face looked I told them about Priya, and they are now using the products too!”

– Lisa Rulli,  Los Angeles, CA


“Altho it’s only been three days, my Milla is gone!! My skin feels hydrated and I’m not waking to dry skin around my chin. Additionally, and at the risk of tmi... i usually get cystic acne on my chin with my hormones. Nope. Not this month! So far so good!! Consider me an ambassador!!”     

Liz Kronenberger,  Atlanta, GA 


“My skin tends to be a little dry at times and can use a boost from a luxurious dose of moisturizer. The serum does one better! I cleanse my face at night before bedtime and then apply the serum. After using it for just over a month my skin feels so nourished.
My pores look smaller to me and the texture of my skin is much improved. I love the way my complexion looks.   I think the texture of this product is lovely too.  I’m not sure how the CBD oil plays into the mix of other ingredients but Judit is doing something right!  I’m a fan.”  

Sheila Allen,  Kentfield, CA


“ I woke up with allergies the other day from all the smoke up here. My eyes were all puffy and within 30 minutes after applying the essence, the puffiness was reduced quite a lot. Amazing!  Oh, and expect another order from me as I am now realizing that the eye essence is going to be my “go to” Christmas gift for all my girlfriends.”

Linda Waste, Los Gatos, CA


“After 3-4 days of use I noticed a definite change in my skin. The overall redness had decreased and my normally dry forehead was no longer flaky.  I would highly recommend this product to people with dry skin or redness.” 

Erin Sullivan,  Los Angeles, CA   


“I drink it in a cup of tea and it helps relieve, soothe and destress my mind and body.This tincture is the perfect swap to a glass of wine. I am already on my second bottle and can’t live without it.”  

Johanna Borenstein,  Los Angeles, CA


“I have super sensitive skin and most products either give me a rash, dry me out or make my forehead too oily. It's taken me a lot of trial and error to find products that don't agitate my skin so it's huge that yours do not!” 

– Sally Lyons, Los Angeles, CA


“As someone who does not pay much attention to my skin, within a few days, I was surprised to see that my skin had a nice glow to it, and looked much less red and splotchy. What was even more unexpected is that I also got a little boost of physical energy which is a fun side effect. I feel that not only my complexion, but also my physical and mental state continue to improve over time with the use of these products.”  

Beth Klein, Santa Barbara, CA


“The breakout i was having has calmed the hell down. i dont look blotchy and look so much brighter already. i mean this is a miracle. If this is just the start….watch out! I had a facial scheduled for this afternoon….I sometimes break out after facials so hopefully Priya keeps me safe.”   

Carolina Padilla, Santa Monica, CA


“I’ve got dry skin and melasma which I have been plagued with since my pregnancy 13 years ago.  It's been very hard to improve the melasma, but my dermatologist had me on an extremely harsh prescription based acid regime to "beat back" the dark spots. Using nightly it would minimize the melasma but then create additional dryness and redness. Since my skin is dry to begin with, I would counter that with heavy, oily moisturizers which I thought were what I needed to combat my skin problems. Within a few days of starting your serum and moisturizer I noticed that my skin felt soft and hydrated. It was surprising because the cream is not heavy or oily and it absorbs very quickly. I’ve always used very expensive, heavy feeling creams in order to get hydration and was surprised at how nice and light this felt on my skin. Then I started noticing my melasma was not as prominent!  So I started skipping days with the acid cream and only used Priya. I noticed that for the first time ever I could miss a few days and my melasma would not come back!  From there I went to once a week and the melasma stayed away!” 

Jennifer Patterson, Los Angeles, CA


“Today two people told me I looked almost ten years younger, and then a third person told me she has to buy what I am using on my face because my skin is glowing.” 

Stacy Watson,  Avon Lake, OH


“I've tried so many products for so many things, hoping they'll make some difference in my skin. But things never really change that much.  Three days after I started using the serum, I caught myself staring at my skin in the rearview mirror while driving to work. My face was suddenly smooth and much less oily. A month later, I'm still stealing glances at myself as I commute!”

– Stephanie Dziczek, Los Angeles, CA


“She said she has been using them religiously and loves how her skin feels. She wanted your contact information, so I passed it along to her.” 

Alexandra Bryman, Venice CA


“Out of my usual complexion norm, I’d been experiencing some adult acne, due to hormones, stress, etc. and wasn’t having any success with all of my usual products eliminating the problem but within the first week of using the Priya Apotheca products any breakouts subsided and I haven’t had any (and I mean ANY) since...and my skin looks great!”  

Jill Reehl,  Los Angeles, CA 


“You know when you wait 38 years to commit to a man because none of your past relationships felt worthy of forever????? This is how I feel about Priya- I have never been committed to any one skincare line and now I know why-because I hadn't found “THE ONE”. And now I have finally found it!!! My skin is smoother than ever and I feel 10 years younger. Not only do I feel this way, but also MANY people tell me this on a daily basis. My pores are nearly nonexistent and my face feels like velvet. I am now committed to a morning and evening skincare routine AND Priya will have my heart forever!!!” 

Jessica Brown, RN,   Venice CA


“I’ve been taking the beauty nectar since Saturday night, and feeling lighter  and clearer everyday which is a stark contrast from how I’m used to feeling. Just started everything else this morning ☺️ can’t wait to see the results. I truly believe there isn’t a single moment in our lives that happens by chance, and that feeling good is the first step in learning to consciously create our lives and get in touch with the magic ✨ I’m so glad we met and hopefully I’ll see you soon. Oh and I’ll definitely check back in with those before and after photos 😊” 

Stephanie Sparks, Culver City, CA


“I’m not the sort who would usually drop this kind of money on skincare, but I was so impressed with the results of your travel sized kit that I really made it a priority. I’m 31 now, and getting fine lines and wrinkles along with the awful hormonal and stress fueled cystic acne that has plagued me for years. My nutritionist is helping me to combat PCOS and chronic stress to alleviate the worst of the acne flare ups, but your products are so good at healing what’s left behind. I luckily don’t have terrible scarring, but the bit that I do have has responded so well to your products.” 

Rainelle Krause, Fort Worth TX  


“I was struggling with my PMS a few days ago and my next door neighbor gave me a sample of your tincture. It was love at first dose. I am doing 1/2 a dropper full morning and night! My PMS is always awful. I get moody, bloated…also I can't sleep well. ” 

Fernanda Zaia, Manhattan Beach, CA