Within the World of CBD What Makes Priya So Unique?

Uniting Plants, Science, and the Sacred

  • Advanced formulations- In the world of skincare there are two types of products. Homemade, in the kitchen, which lack some of the incredible science backed ingredients and complexity of formulations. Or lab created products which lack the love and human touch that makes the handcrafted so special. Priya’s beauty is that it encapsulates both in having a scientist and an herbalist making your products. We have merged the two worlds and created something unique and effective for women who appreciate both disciplines.

  • Internal/external approach -The skin’s health and vitality cannot be achieved by only addressing the outside. The health and wellness of the entire body, both inside and outside, is directly reflected on the skin. Think about it. When you are stressed maybe you get a blemish. When you’re sick your skin loses its glow. Thus, it is imperative to bring the WHOLE body into balance which is the most effective way to achieve your most beautiful skin and ultimate wellness.

  • Intention -Start to finish, from the minute we go into product creation it is a sacred space. Prayers and blessings are said. We are wholly present in the process and are holding loving energy within our heart, centered in the moment as one with the plants and each other. Holding the energies of wholeness, healing, awakening and unity.

  • Alive - Our products have an increased effectiveness at an energetic level.  Lori and Judit “call in” the spirits of the plants we work with and transmit energy from higher realms into the products. This happens through our hands, through the frequencies of mantra (sacred singing), and the tones of tibetan sound bowls. It works just like radio frequencies or wifi signals. The water molecules in the products are perfect conductors for frequency. They hold these vibrational frequencies and then they are transmitted and activated into our ingredients, and then into your cells. This is why many of those who are sensitive to energy feel their love and vitality, and receive the blessings within these products as soon as they are applied.