+ Are your products CLEAN, CONSCIOUS AND GREEN?

Yes. Absolutely! Not only are they green and non-toxic, but we source all our ingredients from ethical companies with organic standards. We care about people and the planet and are committed to only using ethically produced ingredients.

Additionally, we use the absolute highest standards for deciding which ingredients we both put and omit in our products. We consult the Environmental Working Group for all of our ingredient inclusions. This is a standard we take very seriously, and always will. We also believe in transparency and strongly recommend following this link to learn more about our clean beauty ethos and a glossary of every one of our ingredients.

+ I have sensitive skin. Will your products work for me?

We have formulated these products to be the gentle and soothing. For many of our customers it has made their skin less sensitive which is likely due to the anti-inflammatory nature of many of the ingredients.

+ Can I use Priya with some of my current products?

You can absolutely combine them with other products you love! At Priya we hold space for these moments of self care to become a beautiful ritual that is unique to you.

+ What about sunscreen?

We do not put sunscreen in our products and therefore recommend applying those products separately. Wait a few minutes after Priya products are absorbed into the skin and then apply sunscreen on top.

+ How do these products feel on my skin?

Our goal is to provide the most effective form of skincare and yet leave your skin feeling clean and fresh. Therefore, our products feel weightless, and absorb quickly. So you can apply with a lighter touch.

+ Are your products handmade?

They are! Priya co-founder and formulator, Judit Konrad, handcrafts everything in small batches so we can use the freshest ingredients possible to make the most effective products. But that’s not all - it’s important to note that each batch receives loving attention through mantras that are sung to the batch as it’s being made, and then receive a Tibetan sound bath afterwards.

Please note that due to this process and the natural nature of the products there may be slight variances from batch to batch.

+ Are your products vegan and cruelty free?

Absolutely! Additionally they are non GMO and gluten free.

+ What else should I know about Priya and your formulas?

Judit is a leader in the cosmetic cannabis production industry. Her background as a PHD in pharmacy, followed by 10 years in cosmetic research & product development, married with her studies in cannabis production, has enabled her to create the most effective formulations and CBD levels in each product.

She has spent over a year of research and development for each product that has been repeated and improved to discover the optimal levels for skin benefits. CBD is quite new to the market and there is little research on amount that benefits skin. So we took time and effort to find the best ratio in each product. Please click here to learn about the meticulous CBD process we use.

What is the order of using your products?

+ Step 1 Bliss Renewal Serum

Use morning and night after washing your face. Disperse two pumps of the Renewal serum into your fingers and feel the energy that moves from your fingers into the serum. Just by placing your attention into your fingers you can feel a tingling sensation of energy. Think love and appreciation for yourself as you dot the serum on you face and allow yourself to fully be present. Touching your skin with your finger tips, notice how smooth and silky the serum feels and notice how your skin is drinking in all the care and attention you’re giving it. Allow yourself to feel grateful for this moment.

+ Step 2 Illuminating Eye Essence

Use morning and night after applying the serum. Simply roll on under and around eye area allowing the roller ball applicator to gently caress the eye area, activating clear, cooling magic brightening the eyes.

+ Step 3 Phyto Metamorphosis Creme

After applying the eye essence and the serum, use a dime sized amount and gently tune in as you massage this heavenly smelling creme into face, neck and decollage with the intention of self care and love. There are many energy channels that run through the face and head, gently massaging these with awareness will release tension, and increase circulation. Imparting a sense of relaxation and well-being.

* Dry Skin- use morning and night

*Normal/Combination- use once a day

*Oily- Use 1-3x per week, depending on skin needs

+ Step 4 Beauty Nectar Tincture

1-2 dropper full per day diluted in water or tea. These plants are living spirits. Treat them with reverence. Speak your intention when you drink them, invite them into your consciousness. Know as you drink them in they are going to work with you on every level, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Honor this sacred time of introspection and prayer allow for a moment of transformation that will continue to unfold as you take it.

The adaptogens in this formula are profound in their ability to balance the body. Often due to lifestyle many people are chronically fatigued, thus when you first begin to take the formula it may make you sleepy as rest is what your body is needing to replenish and restore. After a couple of weeks of deeply restorative rest these herbs will give you focus, clarity, and energy. So to achieve maximum benefits, our recommend is to start taking in the evening and then switching to the morning once you’re body is rested.




+ What if I have questions?

Please reach out to us at info@priyaapotheca.com if you have any questions. We want to make sure you and your skin are loving our products and are here to help any way we can.

+ What is your return policy?

Due to the organic nature of our products, we are unable to offer any returns on our products. However but are more than happy to issue a merchandise credit for any unopened products. Please reach out to info@priyaapotheca.com to begin the process. We do not provide return shipping.

+ How quickly can I get my products?

Our packages are assembled by hand, usually within 24-72 hours. Please note that order placed during the weekend will be sent out the following Monday morning.

+ International shipping?

Due to the federal regulations for CBD we do not ship internationally.

+ What about packaging?

We use all glass bottles and minimal boxing and shipping materials to preserves mother earth